January 2, 2022 - Mhmmmm

Well here we are 2022, HERE WE ARE.

And damn if it doesn't feel good to be heading into a new year, with some really yummy manifestations, mantras, intentions and prayers. 

I mean, the older I get the more profound this life seems. Have you ever pondered truly deep down your existence in the here and now? And the impact you as one human on this planet can make?!? 

Over the weekend I pondered, ohhhh I pondered! I took time away from the hustle and busyness of life. Let my mind slow way down as well as my body and I asked myself what I wanted 2022 to feel like. How I wanted to show up for myself, my business and my people? And what needed to be moved or released from 2021 - to make these goals happen. AND SHIT...when you get super in-tune with what your soul wants and craves in the next 365 days, you get CLEAR. Crystal clear on what needs to go, what boundaries need to get stronger, what you will accept in life and what you simply don't have time for anymore. 

And you start moving the puzzle pieces, quickly I might add. When the winds of life are forceful in the direction they are taking you...you must flow with said winds or collide with them. And hell if I haven't fought the wind most of my 38 years on this planet lol. A curious ponder that came over me, I need more time, more time to serve others, serve this earth we are so lucky to have under our feet and there's things that are just filling space in my life - that must GO. And for me it's the choice, each and everyday waking up and choosing what life I want. I have every intention of helping more people, whether it's in their business, their life, their faith or their general outlook on happiness and joy. And damn if that doesn't feel authentic AF. My soul has cleared so much over the past few years and it's almost like all of that had to happen to find my clarity. 

This clarity. This soul craves to serve. And for many a moons, I've felt the pull. The want to help, but just never really knew in what capacity and HOW?! 

Well 2022 rolls up and 'Started from the Bottom' by Drake is blaring loud...and I'm finally able to accept and process this message...

Let's get to work.

Much love & gratitude,

Kelsey Ann