a little about me...

What is a life without the ability to create?

Everyone that is placed on beautiful Mother Earth has some form of creative power inside of them, whether it be the ability to teach one another, passionately share stories or movement, lead others or put a paint brush to paper.

Which is the case for creator and passion-spreader, me! Hi, I’m Kelsey Ann! From a very young age I fell in love with creating. Anything that I could hold onto, from a crayon to a colored pencil to a paint brush, I would scribble feverishly to get my ideas out. When in that creative space, I felt I could do anything, be anything (as I assume we’ve all felt at some point in our childhood). I loved pouring my every thought and idea out on to a blank canvas.

And for a very organized and anal, Type A female…sometimes that was incredibly difficult. For years, I let my God-gifted passion fall to the wayside. I poured myself into so many other things, that served so many others. I had to be the do-er. Had to perform above & beyond and be the go-getter. Had to prove that I was worthy. Then life took an incredible turn, my entire life as I knew it had been shook up and shook out in 2018 (much as God intended, I now see) and I’ve returned to my small rural community, where the creativity all started. Surrounded by a family of creators, self-starters and motivators.

And here we are today! Building websites, creating Social Media Content, Logos, Email campaigns and so much more, for so many wonderful small business owners. It's the best of allll the creating worlds and I gratefully get to call it my job! I am thrilled that you’ve somehow found me and my passion for creating. I have a soul that is fueled by empowering other entrepreneurs, especially in the business arena and couldn't be more excited to answer any questions you may have!

Much love & gratitude, 

Kelsey Ann 

Founder & CEO of The Collective