July 31 - Oh the memories

Another Fri-YAY in the books my friends. Another weekend to look ahead to. Another week to reflect back on.
And as I do, I ponder life. This magical, wonderfully awe amazing life we are granted to live. I think of so many small moments that I found myself in this week and it brings a smile to my face. For instance on my morning jaunt, I came across one, yes just one, bicycle training wheel. Just the wheel, nothing else connected to it. And it made me wonder what kind of journey that little, now missing wheel has been on. What little girl or boy is succeeding (I want to assume the best) at riding their bike now with no more help?! It makes me wonder if they felt like the BEST kid in the world the the day they took off with no help from mom or dad, or training wheels?
Boy, I sure felt like I was on the top of the world when my training wheels came off.
I remember the exact moment in time, the exact moment my parents knew it was time to set me free and let me coast down our gravel driveway without any assistance. It was a sunny, summer day and I was so ready to be off to the races! My maiden voyage was here and I was prepared - my mom was one of those moms. She had me armored up (helmet and all - none of my friends needed to wear one but hey “we were safe” mom said), so I went with it, begrudgingly. I took off, dad holding the back of my seat of my pink huffy with the streamers attached to the handlebars, you remember ladies! And I felt the exact second dad wasn’t there watching over me and protecting me…and I felt INVINCIBLE!!!!!! The warm Kansas breeze against my rosy cheeks as I picked up speed and felt the rush of adrenaline as I pumped my little kid legs. Faster and faster I went and I felt like I was flying!
The sun felt a little bit closer that day, like I could almost reach out and touch it. The streets of our small town seemed much bigger than they had even the day before. It was my day, I could conquer anything I set my mind to. Oh the adventures that laid before me on the mean streets of Palmer, KS (population 100) :) I mean, I just rode my bike by myself, for the first time EVER! I was kind of a BIG DEAL!! Another memory suddenly floats back into my mind of gazing back at my parents as I took off, seeing their happiness and a bit of a twinkle or a tear perhaps in both of their eyes. And that memory makes me smile and tear up tonight as well.
The lessons and life experiences that we’ve all encountered as children seem so little in-comparison to the adult versions of late…but right here, right now as you read this, I invite you to think back to a childhood memory. Maybe it was your maiden bike ride like mine, or flying a kite by yourself or maybe laying in the grass as you tried to sneakily catch fireflies in a mason jar. Let your eyes close and just be in that beautiful moment. Where time seemed to stand still. Can you remember what your childhood mind was thinking during these beautiful times? What your small body, unaffected by self-image or shame yet, felt like? Breathe deeply into these moments and just be still with yourself.
I wonder how differently all of our lives would or could be if we found the joy in the small moments in our lives, right here and now. The hustle and bustle of daily life, is too much for me these days. Pushing and pulling you in 1000 different directions and by the time your head hits the pillow, can you remember even just one magical moment from your day, your week, heck even your month? I feel like we are trained to push to be the best, to work to the point of exhausting, ignoring ever single sign from our bodies and minds that we all need a BREAK!!!
As I begin to float off again to more magical memories throughout my life, I invite you to do the same. Live in the long ago-moments once and awhile. Let the dishes sit in the sink and leave the laundry until tomorrow. Breathe in deeply and let your eyelids gently close and find yourself back on your bike without training wheels…back to the sunshine of childhood simplicity and just enjoy.
With much gratitude and love,
Kelsey Ann

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