October 23rd - Well hello Friday

Today is one of those days that you just love, to love. I had the day off from my regular day gig and I woke up with every intention in the world to lounge around my house in my fuzzy slippers and sip coffee for most of the morning.

And heck yes, I made it happen!

It was an ideal Friday...like the Friday's all Fridays want to be. It was probably cold outside, but I wasn't even about to get dressed and venture out. My coffee (more creamer and caramel, then actual coffee) was perfect and just warmed every cell in my being. -Can you tell I'm a coffee lover? lol I sound like coffee could literally replace the air in my lungs... :) Okay, it's just that good!!

Any who, back to this kick-ass of a Friday I was having. I mean we are talking messy bun, pj's all day and Jesus. 3 of my fav things in the world (well besides coffee, but I know you know it's importance)! Last week I wrapped up an amazing bible study with a church I happened upon when I lived in good ol' KC...Thank goodness for the internet, they've got an amazing online presence in these COVIDDY times we live in. This bible study was 6 weeks of digging in to the Bible (from a born and raised Catholic, this book is a bit out of my comfort zone, to say the least). And I felt strongly compelled to find a local bible study before this last one ended.

And wouldn't you know God delivered as He always does...BAM local bible study happening on my other day off!! NO way?! Yes way!!

So today, I'm digging into Exodus and am still currently blown away (as I type this) by the way our Lord works. When you can be in one place in your life, minding your own business, feeling like life is just grand and He just flips His heavenly switch and turns your life upside down. Or maybe it's right side up...

It rocks my mind to know that out of the millions and millions of people on this planet, God still knows and loves each and every one of us by name. I mean isn't that crazy amazing to think about guys?! 

All these bible studies and lessons are making me really think about how life could be so different for us all. Different in the sense of treating each other with love and respect. That trusting that there is something bigger happening then just what's going on in our small corner of the world. That if we all stepped up to the plate each and everyday, brought our best selves out into the world...couldn't this place be so much different? If we all left our old stories, the old patterns of years past behind...how different the world would be? We could stop using past traumas as tipping points to engage with others in the worst possible ways. (Sorry I maybe getting on my high horse about going to therapy - highly recommend seeking help - even if it doesn't seem relevant right now)! Talking with someone outside your friend and family unit, an impartial 3rd party is legitimately the BEST thing I've ever done for myself. A world with so much less pain, seems pretty wonderful to me.

So to wrap up this long and winding entry: Jesus, Coffee, Days off, World Peace and Loving One Another are the most important things in my life and I hope at least some of these make your Top 3 list as well.

Much love & gratitude,

Kelsey Ann

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